The UPV College of Management used to be one academic organization for the Pahampang – the Blue Chips. Few years later, Blue Chips were divided into two departments who became Scions and Tycoons. Later on, the Scions were further divided into two programs, which gave birth to the Magnates.




Magnates is the official academic organization of the Marketing students. Like the other Iloilo City campus-based academic organizations, Magnates derived its name from a business term which means powerful or wealthy businessman – especially in banking. “Aciem Parati” or battle-ready is the motto of Magnates. It embodies the whole marketing students, for they were trained… Read More >>



UPV Tycoons is the academic organization that represents the BS Management students. Tycoons are governed by one value, and that is to play by heart. That is the reason why their battle cry is “Tycoons. PUSOOO!”. Tycoons play by the rules; they play to enjoy. They play because they want to uplift the Management students.