The College of Management offers three baccalaureate courses, namely Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BS Accountancy), Bachelor of Science in Management (BS Management), and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing (BSBA Marketing).

The college also offers a Masters Degree in Management major in Business Management (MMBM). In June 1997, CM started offering a post baccalaureate course: Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning in coordination with the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) at UP Diliman.



BS in Accountancy

This is a five-year program intended to enable students to take the board examinations for Certified Public Accountants and prepare them for a career in accountancy and related profession.

View/Download Syllabus Here: BS Accountancy syllabus


BS in Management

The four-year management program is designed to equip students with theoretical frameworks and practical skills for effective business planning, implementation, and control. It trains the students to develop critical thinking on issues and events that affect national development in line with public administration and governance.

View/Download Syllabus Here: BS Management syllabus


BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing

This is a four-year program aimed to provide students with adequate knowledge and analytical skills in marketing management, market research, advertising, sales, and logistics.

View/Download Syllabus Here: BSBA Marketing syllabus

Master of Management (MM) with specialization in Business Management (BM) or Public Management (PM)

The program is designed for career professionals in either business or government to enhance their competitive edge in organizational management, policy development and implementation, human resource management, and other specific chosen fields of specialization.


Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (DURP)

The program is intended to enable professional planners, especially those employed in government, to respond more effectively to the increasing demands of urban and regional development planning.