Life at UPV-CM is busy in a good way…


CM students are curious and engaged; active involvement outside the classroom is central to CM’s culture. A huge variety of student organizations, activities and events, exhibitions and performances, and educational opportunities keep campus lively. Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage in their passions.




UP is not like any other university. UP life is never easy and it will never be. However, no other university can match up to the different kind of experience you’ll get from being an Iskolar ng Bayan. From the unique and exciting school activities prepared by various student organizations, to the never-ending shouting of justice and rights by the UP activists, up to the nose-bleeding exams from the “terror” professors, you can never tell where the sail will take you next, and by the time you know it, you are now living a stressful yet unimaginable exciting college life.


UP is really a diverse community. Being in CM will gave you the chance to meet new friends, discover a lot of similarities and differences from people of different walks of life, and realize that education is not just about the lessons we learn in the four corners of the classroom, but also the experiences we go through.



One of the best happenings in CM you shouldn’t miss are the acquaintance parties prepared by different student organizations. It is the best time to get to know your province-mates, block mates, and batch mates. There are lots of fun-filled activities that will strengthen the bond between members of the organizations. This kind of endeavors give students the chance to meet new friends, explore different provinces, and discover various things about their fellow Iskolars.


cmscThis is why being an Iskolar ng Bayan is something to be proud of. It’s a pride that you will always carry – wherever life may take you, whatever you will be in the future, or whoever you will become after graduation. You may experience ups and downs in your life as a student, but always remember that these experiences will give you important lessons and could become a turning point in your life in the future.



Source: Kareen Mae Cabuslay, The Accounts