UP Hamili originated from UP Katilingban (UP Katilingban is a culutural organization in DIliman much like UPV Antiqueño and Capizeño). Sixteen (16) male members of the latter decided to form a brotherhood after consistently feeling that the bond within UP Katilingban was not very strong. The 16 students went up to hike and camp at Mt. Makiling where they self initiated as well as made the bylaws and constitution of the organization. They went up on April 14, 1965 and stayed there for 3 nights. They went down of the Mt. Makiling on April 16, 1965 and it is when UP Hamili brotherhood was officially founded.

1970 – UP Hamili Brotherhod was founded in Iloilo
1975 – UP Hamilia Sisterhood was founded

UP Hamili Core Values: Academic Excellence Social Awareness Civic Consciousness Nationalism
UP Hamilia Core Values: Academic Excellence Social Awareness and Civic Consciousness Filipina Womanhood Nationalism


City Chapter Officers Mayor: Maria Jesse Ann Gloria
Menor Hamili: Sean Oliver Ortencio
Menor Hamilia: Mary Joie Demingoy
Liaison: Cris Min Fuentes