• To provide every Marketing student competitive trainings and programs that will help develop and leverage their marketing skills
  • To promote academic excellence in the field of Marketing through activities and national competitions that promote the students’ holistic growth and excellence.




To develop the best marketing leaders and professionals of the Philippines who possesses strong passion for excellence and be the channels of innovation in the marketing industry through proper training and exposure as well as being the leading marketing organization in the nation.




President Sandra Mae T. Silveo
Vice President – Internal Affairs Mirielle Anne B. Grabato
Vice President – External Affairs Lorene Joy B. Quezon
Executive Secretary Ivy A. Panistante
Vice President – Finance Joselle Anne J. Jurilla
AVP – Finance John Joseph A. Kuan Ken
VP – Audit Zaira Faye U. Subong
VP – Logistics Pauline Mae G. Gallo
VP – Promotions Lucille Anne T. Octavio
VP – Corporate Communications  Kimberly M. Francia
VP – Business Relations  Cecille Clarisse V. Suarez
AVP – Business Relations  Ivylan F. Iducos
VP – Documentations  Alexandra M. Sanchez
School Representatives to IFJMA  Rolando A. Devanadera
Maria Victoria Ann A. Codiniera
Batch Representatives Maria Victoria Ann A. Codiniera
Zherluck Shaen A. Rodriguez
Jayson T. Adoc
Joanna Grace M. Bueron
Advisers Prof. Joseph Edward O. Idemne
Prof. Rowena Gelvezon
Prof.  Neil Hortillo